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Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Wuhan University

Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Wuhan University relies on the School of Computers, the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the School of Electronic Information, the School of Surveying and Mapping, the School of Power and Mechanics, the School of Electrical and Automation, the National Engineering Technology Center of GPS, the Institute of Remote Sensing Information Engineering, and the Institute of Remote Sensing and Mapping State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering, Industrial Science Research Institute, School of Life Sciences, School of Physical Science and Technology, Wuhan University People #39;s Hospital, Wuhan University Central South Hospital, Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital, National Cyber Security School, Law School, School of Information Management, etc. A large interdisciplinary research platform jointly built by the unit.  
The Institute strives to realize three main functions:  
1.Tackling major basic theoretical problems of artificial intelligence and  quot;jamming quot; technical problems;  
2.Committed to the construction of a first-class discipline of artificial intelligence, and form a complete artificial intelligence talent training system integrating master, master and doctor;  
3.Empower multidisciplinary development and enhance the comprehensive strength of Wuhan University.



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